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Lawn Mower Reviews: WORX ECO WG780 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Are you sick and tired of your messy lawn with uneven grass? Then it is hard time that you got a lawn mower which can help you achieve perfection and attract the envious looks of your neighbors. The question is how to choose the ideal lawn mower. I think that I can help you with this part. I am a professional gardener working in California and have considerable experience with such machines. I decided to review the current top sellers including the WORX ECO WG780 19-inch 24-volt Cordless electric lawn mower.

In this WORX ECO WG780 review, I will focus extensively on its features and capabilities. My objective assessment is based on a range of factors including performance, durability and ease of use. I will also outline the good and the bad sides of this model. Let’s get to work now, shall we?

WORX WG780 Electric Cordless Lawn Mower

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Product Description

The WORX WG780 electric cordless lawn mower runs on an electric motor, which is powered by a 24-volt battery. The battery can be removed for charging. The machine comes with a push-button start. It has standard push operation which is cordless as well. The model’s major features include adjustable cutting height, three options for collecting and disposing of grass clippings and ErgoSum Design Technology for comfortable handle adjustment. It has a 19-inch deck which defines its cutting swath.


The electric motor of WORX WG780 has efficient and reliable operation. It is well designed and well constructed and these two factors guarantee its durability. It gets enough power from the 24-volt battery to do the lawn mowing job well.

There are two major benefits of the electric motor which I particularly like. Firstly, it does not produce carbon dioxide or any other gases, which can harm the environment, when operating. Using such a machine allows you to reduce your carbon footprint considerable. Secondly, the motor produces extremely low levels of noise pollution. You will certainly get along with the neighbors much better when using this lawn mower.

When it comes to the battery of this WORX lawn mower, I am pretty sure that it will not fail you. The battery is removable and this makes it quite easy to charge anywhere in the house. It gets charged fairly quickly as well. You need to plug it in the charger in the evening and it will be ready to use the next morning. It is energy efficient as well. This means that it will save you money while contributing further to the reduction of your carbon footprint.

The push button start is an extremely functional feature, in my opinion. You simply need to press the button and the machine will start working. In addition, there is a safety key. It prevents accidental starting of the motor. It ensures that kids will not mess with the unit and risk getting hurt.

The blade of this WORX mower is constructed to cut through grass effectively irrespective of how tall, thick and dry it is. You can readily adjust the cutting height of the unit. You can select from 6 different positions ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 inches. All four wheels are adjusted with the use of a single laver. This is convenient and saves you time and effort.

You have three different options when it comes to collecting the grass clippings. I have to say that I find this kind of versatility extremely practical. You can readily attach the specially designed bag to the back of the unit so that the clippings are collected in it. The bag has a capacity of 1.6 bushels so you will not have to stop every few minutes to dispose of the clippings.

Alternatively, you can have the clippings discharged to the side. My favorite option is the mulching one. You simply need to attach the mulching insert and it will chop the clippings into fine grass pieces. The produced mulch will fall directly on the lawn and fertilize it. You cannot possibly dream of a better natural fertilizer.

The ErgoSum Design Technology of WORX ECO WG780 cordless mower allows you to adjust the handle at any angle depending on your personal preferences and requirements. The handle’s ergonomic design, the easy access to the controls and the low vibration makes operating the unit a breeze. Steering and maneuvering will be super easy. Besides, you can keep an eye on the power level indicator to know how much battery power you have left at any given time.


This WORX electric cordless lawn mower has a 19-inch cutting swath. This width path is standard for the class of machines with electric motors. You can expect the unit to do a good job in a fairly small amount of time. You will have to make a small number of passes to clear a fairly large area.

This cordless electric mower from WORX can mow an area of up to 17,500 square feet on a single batter charge. This is about the size of four tennis courts. As you can see, the unit is capable of handling lawns of small, medium and large size as well.


Given the versatility of this WORX electric lawn mower, it can be used by property owners with lawns of various sizes. The mower can do a good job in all kinds of surfaces and on flat to slightly hilly terrains. Its plastic deck is weatherproof. All of these factors suggest that it can be used in areas with various types of climate and relief. It works efficiently and is fairly easy to handle so any adult member of the household can operate it. It is suitable for people offering professional services as well.

WORX Lawn Mower


The things which I like about the WORX WG780 cordless electric lawn mower are:

  • Effective, green and quiet operation
  • Ease of use
  • Totally safe
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • No specific maintenance
  • 2-year limited warranty


The drawbacks which I found in the unit are:

  • This WORX cordless mower has standard push operation and it is not particularly light weighing around 80 lbs. This means that you may have to use extra effort if you have a slightly hilly lawn. Still, the workout is not tiring and may actually turn out to be beneficial.
  • Maneuvering around the trees and shrubs requires you to get a bit more skilled, but you will get the hang of it with time.


I can safely conclude that the WORX WG780 cordless electric lawn mower is a good choice for the average home owner. It works well. It is functional. It is green.

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  1. Lawnmowerwizard

    I totally agree with this sentiment. Unfortunately I haven’t tried out this particular machine, but it definitely looks as though a lot of thought has gone into it’s design, which is a good sign. I think like all battery mowers the biggest selling point is sheer simplicity, you don’t need to worry about the mess and noise of gas/petrol mowers, or their maintenance cost and time implications, but at the same time you get all their advantages in terms of freedom and versatility.

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