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Tips For Using The Lawn Mower

When you use your lawn mower in the right way, your lawn will be healthy and beautiful. You will be happy not only because of your achievement but also because you have completed the job safely, quickly and without much effort. Here is some practical advice which I can give you based on my professional experience as a gardener working in California. I am sure that they will be useful to you.

Tips For Using The Lawn Mower

How Often

It is best to use the lawn mower once every week during the growth season which is from early spring to late autumn in most areas with moderate climate. If you are too busy, you can trim the lawn once every two weeks. Just try not to leave your lawn without a haircut for more than fifteen days or so. If the grass grows too quickly due to the weather conditions, you can trim it two times ever week or as often as you feel necessary.

Time of Day

The best time to use a lawn mower is in the morning after the dew has dried completely. At this time of the day, the grass is fresh and standing up so it is good for cutting. It is also dry and this is particularly important for doing a good job effortlessly. It is best not to mow the lawn when it is wet or dump as this can cause problems with the operation of the machine.

Preparing the Lawn

Go over the entire lawn before starting your work and remove obstacles that can get in the way when you are operating the machine. Common obstacles to watch out for include stones, kid’s toys and accidently dropped gardening tools. With a thorough inspection, you will ensure your safety and that of the mower.

Preparing the Lawn Mower

Inspect the machine fully before you start operating it. The switches must work properly and safely. The deflector shields must be well attached to their places and stay in the right position. All controls must be in good condition and must work properly. The blade must be sufficiently sharp. The engine has to be in good operating condition.

Adjust the height of the lawn mower in advance. The unit must be switched of for safety purposes. The safety key should not be put into the unit.

Keep the 1/3rd rule when adjusting the cutting height. It states that only the top third of the grass must be cut. Hence, it is best to adjust the cutting height to “high”. Just pick the highest increment without much thinking. As a professional gardener, I have to say that cutting the grass high has a wide range of benefits.

Safety Rules

Read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer before using the lawn mower for the first time. You must know and keep all safety instructions provided in the manual.

Wear appropriate clothing and accessories. Your clothes must not be loose. Avoid wearing jewelry. Keep your hair tied if it is long. Wear safety goggles. Use ear lugs, if necessary. Always put gardening gloves on when handling the blade and the cutting deck of the machine. Wear a hat and sunscreen for protection from the sun.

Never leave the driving position when operating the machine. If you want to make any adjustments to take a brake, you must switch the motor/engine off and take the safety key out. Handle fuel with care and keep it in appropriate containers. Never start a mower with a gas engine indoors.

It is your responsibility to keep children and pets away while you are mowing the lawn.


Mow the lawn in a pattern for saving time and effort and for achieving the best results. Go back and forth making straight paths. Go around objects such as trees and continue your path instead of making a circle around the respective obstacle. You may want to do two laps around obstacles each in a different direction.

Use the half pass system when operating the lawn mower. Once you have made a single pass, adjust the mower so that the cutting deck covers half of the pass which you have already made. Basically, you will be mowing through half of the strip previously trimmed. This allows you to go mow the lawn more smoothly and more quickly. There will be no grass left uncut. This system actually saves you time and effort. I use it and it works perfectly.

Mow hills side to side. This is more efficient and safer as well. In general, you should be extra cautious when climbing a hill with the mower.

Use a brisk walking pace when operating the lawn mower. This will provide for better cutting efficiency and for greater productive efficiency overall.

After Mowing

Switch the motor/engine off and let it cool down. Take the safety key out so that no one can start it accidently. Dispose of the grass clippings straight away to void issues due to decaying plant material. Have the mower lie on its side and clean the cutting deck and the blade.

A Final Word

Now you are ready to use your lawn mower in the most efficient and safest way possible.

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