Aug 17

Who Needs A Lawn Mower?

There are many necessities in our lives today and a lawn mower is one of them. I want to point out that this statement is not far-fetched and I speak from experience since I am an experienced professional gardener working in California. Anyone who has a lawn, no matter how small it is, needs such a tool. It will make your life easier in more ways than one and, more importantly, it will give you and your loved ones even greater safety. Let us take a look at the people and entities that absolutely need a mower.

Who Needs A Lawn Mower?

Home Owners

No matter whether you have a small two-bedroom house or a large estate, you will have to use a lawn mower to keep the lawn on your property in good condition. The main alternative is to use a scythe and this, I believe, is unthinkable for any modern person. This tool not only makes it difficult to cut the grass evenly but also poses a high safety risk for the user. Of course, you can readily plant flowers or use woodchips to cover the patio, but this will make walking, playing and setting any furniture on the ground virtually impossible.

With a lawn mower, you will be able to maintain your lawn in perfect condition without much effort. You will enjoy beautifully trimmed grass which is even, smooth and soft. You will have the flexibility of mowing anytime. Since you will get the job done quickly, you will have plenty of time for yourself and for your loved ones.

Families with Children

I personally think that it is mandatory for families with children of any age to have a lawn mower so that they can keep their lawn perfectly trimmed and in good condition. If you let the grass grow too much, weeds will inevitably start appearing. The uncontrolled vegetation growth increases the risk of the appearance of allergens. As you know, kids are more vulnerable to allergies, which are serious conditions due to the symptoms which they cause and to the fact that they cannot be cured.

Besides, with more vegetation, the risk of insect infestation increases. Many insects have painful bites and the saliva of certain species can cause an allergic reaction. There are also the ticks which literally stick to the skin of the host and improper removal can lead to a serious infection.

I am telling you all these things not to scare you our or upset you. I just want to point out how important it is to keep your lawn properly trimmed and in good condition at all times. When you use a lawn mower, you will be able to devise your own lawn maintenance plan and ensure that your kids will never be exposed to risk. Similarly, you will be able to take special measures anytime they are necessary.

The Elderly

It is harder for elderly individuals to keep their home and yard in good condition simply because they are not as physically fit as they used to be when they were young. With a self propelled walk-behind mower or with a riding mower, any elderly person will be able to do a good job in trimming the grass no matter how physically fit they are. These machines do not require any effort for operating. You just have to steer them into the desired direction.

Everything from the maintenance of the lawn mower to the collection of clippings is now super simple and effortless. If you do not want to provide any maintenance, you can readily go for an electric self propelled unit. With the electric motor, there are no tasks such as adding fuel, oil change, tank emptying, filter cleaning and replacement and spark plug changing. Now most units come equipped with a 3-in-1 system for clippings collection. You can have them discharged on the side through a chute, collected directly in a bag attached to the rear or chopped into fine pieces which fall directly on the ground and serve as mulch.

You will be able to do the job easily, quickly and efficiently irrespective of your level of physical fitness.

Small Businesses

If you have a small to medium-sized lawn on your commercial property, you should certainly buy a lawn mower in order to maintain it in a good condition. You will have to make a fairly small investment in a device which will continue to bring you returns in the long term. You can readily have an employee responsible for the maintenance mow the lawn weekly. Alternatively, you can do the job yourself.

With a lawn mower, you will keep your maintenance costs down. Besides, a beautiful lawn will certainly attract more clients and help you achieve higher sales. The image is crucial for businesses.

A Final Word

If you are convinced that you need a lawn mower, the next step is to buy one. Go through a thorough buying guide and through reviews of the most popular models.

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