Apr 13

What’s So Great About Lawn Mower?

When you look around, you will see that virtually everyone is using a lawn mower. It has become one of the most common household tools. But what is really so special about this machine? In this article, I will outline the most special things about this device.

I have to tell you that I cannot go without a lawn mower. I am a professional gardener working in California and I use such a device both at work and at home. I am particular and I want nothing else but perfection. I achieve it and I am more than happy. Let met describe in detail what is really special about these machines.

Productive Efficiency

What's So Great About Lawn Mower?An average walk-behind electric lawn mower can trim the grass on an area of 15,000 square feet within an hour or so. This area corresponds to 1/3 acre and to four tennis courts. This is a massive achievement for a device which weighs around 50 pounds. A gas powered mower, on the other hand, can trim the grass on 1/2 acre of land within the same time.

This is sufficient to illustrate the amazing capabilities of lawn mowers. They work quickly and efficiently to give you the lawn which you have dreamed of without you spending too much time and effort. Needless to say, time is one of the most scarce and most valuable goods of our time. You would certainly love to have more time for the people and things that you love during the weekend.

Cutting Precision

The results which you will get when using a good quality lawn mower are excellent. The grass is evenly trimmed. It is smooth and has a nice green color. This is achieved due to the sufficient amount of power delivered to the blade and to the advanced design of the blade and of the cutting deck. Some models even have a rake attached at the front bumper. It works to lift the grass up so that it is ready for cutting.

Constant Innovation

Did you know that the first lawn mower was invented in 1827 nearly two hundred years ago? Over this time, it has undergone constant innovation. Now it is more technologically advanced than ever before. Take a look at the innovations which changed mowing.

  • Cordless Operation

For years, family home owners have been using electric lawn mowers so as to avoid extensive maintenance and breathing exhaust fumes. The problem was with the electric cord which gets in the way. Now this is no longer the case. The latest electric models come with a rechargeable battery which can be taken out of the main unit and charged at any time. This gives you cordless operation and allows you to reach any point of the year without restriction.

  • 3-in-1 Clippings System

 I have to say that this is one of my favorite innovations when it comes to mowing. The 3-in-1 system offers includes side discharge, bagging and mulching of the grass clippings. With the side discharge function, the clippings are blown to the side through a chute so you can collect them easily with a rake after you are done mowing. Alternatively, you can attach a bag for collecting the clippings at the rear of the unit. This is super convenient and saves you even more time and effort. Mulching is the option which I appreciate the most. The clippings are chopped into fine pieces which are dispersed directly on the lawn and serve as a natural fertilizer. What more can you possibly want when it comes to lawn care?

  • IntelliCut Technology

This IntelliCut technology allows you to get more torque delivered to the cutting blade upon request. It is useful when you have to trim thick, tall and damp grass. You get the job done more efficiently and quickly. When you do not have to use the extra power, you switch to the normal operation mode so that you can save energy and enjoy quieter working of the motor.

You Are in Control

Everyone has different preferences when it comes trimming their lawn. A lawn mower can help you achieve exactly what you want in the way you want it. Virtually all models now come with a feature for adjusting cutting height. You can choose the optimal height for you any time you mow. You can also choose how to dispose of the clippings. Most models have a handle with adjustable height for ensuring maximum comfort during the operation of the device. The self-propelled models have variable speed system which allows you to select the speed at which the machine runs.

Versatile Options

There is something for everyone in the world of lawn mower. You can select from walk-behind and larger riding models. In the walk-behind section, you will find both push and self-propelled lawn mowers. There are also electric and gas powered models. In the electric range, there are corded and cordless machines.

A Final Word

The lawn mower is a truly special tool in every respect. Define your individual needs and requirements and get one for your home.

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