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The Importance of Having A Good Quality Lawn Mower

You can select from a great variety of lawn mower models in the market. There are different things to look for in such a machine from a well-constructed motor to sturdy wheels and from a sufficient cutting swath to a foldable handle. Perhaps the most important thing to look for is high quality. When the lawn mower is properly designed and constructed and operates reliably, you will achieve good mowing results without much effort in the short term and in the long term as well.

Let me give you some information and advice on lawn mowers when it comes to their quality. I have many years of experience working as a professional gardener in California and I know what I am talking about. When you know how to recognize good quality, you will inevitably make a good choice.

The Importance of Having A Good Quality Lawn Mower

Sturdy and Reliable Construction

You would not want to buy a lawn mower which will incur lots of scratches and marks and even chips and dents. These not only look ugly but can shorten the useful life of the machine considerably. Similarly, there is nothing worse than a dull rotary blade which is supposed to cut the grass. It can come dull from the manufacturer or get dull after just a few uses. In any case, the dull blade will result in torn grass, which is unevenly cut, and lots of worthless efforts which may lead to back strain.

A well designed and well constructed lawn mower will be weatherproof. It will undergo minimal wear and tear. It will not incur any significant damage even if it bumps against an object during mowing. The blade will work efficiently at all times with occasional sharpening only.

Powerful Engine/Motor

Let met tell you what happens if the engine or motor of the lawn mower is not powerful. The blade will not get enough torque and it will not cut grass properly. You will have to go over one and the same strip of grass over and over again. The result will be uneven grass and muscle pain for you.

When the engine or motor is poorly constructed, it will have trouble starting. The engine may get choked. Overheating and damage of the internal parts are other major issue which may occur.

You can readily have a powerful, reliable and durable motor/engine if you buy a good quality lawn mower. The machine will work to cut even thick, tall and damp grass evenly without effort on your part.

Good Maneuverability and Traction

The lawn mower has to turn swiftly and without effort on your part. Otherwise, you will have trouble mowing the lawn evenly. If the machine flips over, the risk of an injury increases drastically.

Good traction is crucial as fresh grass is fairly slippery even if it is completely dry. It is provided by wide, sturdy wheels with a properly textured tread. If the traction is not good, you may lose control over the machine and this can have very serious consequences. Generally, if the machine slips constantly, it will not cut the grass properly.

Safety Features

The main safety feature of a good quality lawn mower include an easy to access and swiftly working clutch, safety switch or safety key, deflector shields and well operating controls. They are not only present but also work effectively at all times with basic maintenance only. They are reliable and durable as well.

I am will explain in detail what can happen if one of the safety features is not present or if it is not working properly. The user can incur series injuries and possibly a disability. There is no point in risking your safety for the sake of saving on a lawn mower.

Convenient Clippings Collection

When grass clippings are not properly collected, they can easily be blown into your face and cause an injury. Generally, they will just scatter on the freshly trimmed lawn and you will have to use a rake to collect them manually and dispose of them into plastic bags. This makes lawn care even more time-consuming and tiring.

A good quality lawn mower with modern design and construction will offer a versatile system for clippings collection. In the best case scenario, you will be able to pick from three different options – side discharge, bagging and mulching. You can readily have the clippings discharged on the side for easy raking, blown directly into a bag or chopped into mulch which falls on the ground and serves as fertilizer.

Comfortable Handle

You are wrong if you think that the handle does not matter much. If it is ergonomic and comes with height adjustment, you will be able to operate the mower much more efficiently. If it is poorly constructed, this may affect the control adversely and cause fatigue.

In A Nutshell

How do you buy a good quality lawn mower? Consider the models from well established brands with good reputation in the market. Evaluate their features and capabilities. Take a look at user reviews to confirm that they are sturdy and comfortable and that they work well. Do not miss to check the product warranty.

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