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Lawn Mower Reviews: Earthwise 50020 20-Inch 12 amp Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

The tall grass may be beautiful in the fields, but it is certainly not attractive to look at in your backyard when you wake up in the morning. With a powerful and reliable lawn mower, you can keep it in perfect condition without much effort on your part. Selecting the ideal machine is a task which requires a lot of thought and detailed comparison of a range of models. I can assist you with this task with reviews of the top selling models. I am an experienced gardener working in California and I rely on my knowledge to be thorough and objective. Take a look at my review of the Earthwise 50020 20-inch 12 amp electric 3-in-1 lawn mower with grass bag.

In this Earthwise lawn mower review, I will assess the model’s features and capabilities and provide an overview of its good and not so good sides. I am sure that you will find plenty of useful information. Your only job is to make the final decision.

Earthwise 50020 Lawn Mower

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Product Description

The Earthwise 50020 push mower comes equipped with an electric motor, which is connected to an electric outlet via a long cord. The unit has standard push operation. Notable features of the model include the steel deck, the single lever for adjusting the cutting height, the 3-in-1 grass cutting system, the rugged wheels and the ergonomic v-shaped handle. The model has a cutting swath of 20 inches.


The 12 amp electric motor is the primary feature of Earthwise 50020 so it deserves our full attention. The first thing which I can say about the motor is that it is powerful. It should work well to give you very good grass cutting capabilities. The design and build make it quite reliable as well. You can expect it to continue to work efficiently in the long term.

Since the motor uses electricity to run, it requires virtually no maintenance. There is no messy oil changing or careful selection of fuel. The motor of this electric lawn mower is fairly quiet as well. The low levels of noise will certainly improve your relationship with your neighbors. I speak from experience here.

The third major benefit of the electric motor of Earthwise 50020 is that it does not produce harmful gas emissions. It has no carbon footprint so it helps you contribute to saving the natural environment. This feels good, doesn’t it? Besides, you will enjoy working with the machine much more since you will not have to breathe exhaust fumes in.

The electric cord which connects this electric mower to the power grid is sufficiently long to give you a wide range of movement. You can readily use an extension cord if you have to. What I like about the corded operation is that you get constant supply of electricity and you do not have to worry about your battery going down. What I do not like is the cable getting in the way. The designers of this model have integrated a special hook for managing the cord effectively. It works very well but you still have to be careful when mowing.

The Earthwise 50020 push lawn mower has a steel deck unlike most of its electric counterparts which come with a plastic one. Steel is generally sturdier. The material used for making the mower is rust-resistant as well.

The safety blade control is mounted at the handle. It allows you to stop the blade instantly to prevent an accident. It works well and increases the overall safety of the electric mower.

The Earthwise 50020 unit is equipped with ball bearing wheels which have a rugged plastic construction. The front ones measure 7 inches in diameter while the rear ones measure 8 inches. The size and design of the wheels allows them to offer very good traction.

The single lever for height adjustment is one of the features of the lawn mower which I appreciate the most. It is super convenient to use. You can select from seven different height increments in the range from 1.75 to 3.75 inches.

The 3-in-1 cutting system of Earthwise 50020 is functional and versatile. You can attach the specially designed bag to the rear of the lawn mower and have the grass clippings collected in it. The second option is to set up the chute for side discharge of the clippings.

The third option is mulching. You insert the mulch plug into the unit and it will produce fine grass pieces which will be dropped directly on the ground. You cannot dream of better natural fertilization. Besides, you get two beneficial results by doing a single job.

The v-shaped handle is designed to give you good grip and provide for easy and efficient control. The soft grip gives you comfort. The handle can be folded down for easy storage.


Earthwise Lawn MoweBased on the power which the motor produces and on the cutting swath of Earthwise 50020 which is 20 inches, it can be concluded that the model is capable of trimming the grass on small to medium sized lawns. This swath is a bit larger than the average for electric mowers. This is a great advantage to have as you will need to make fewer passes when mowing.

The powerful motor and the well constructed blade make the unit capable of cutting tall and thick grass even when it is wet. The rugged wheels allow the machine to move swiftly on all kinds of terrains from flat ones with obstacles to slightly hilly ones. You will have perfect control of the mower even when the surface is wet and muddy.


This corded electric lawn mower is suitable for all property owners who have a lawn smaller than 1/3 acre. It can be used in any climate. It can be used for seasonal mowing and more frequently as well. It is functional enough to meet the requirements of professionals.


The benefits of Earthwise lawn mower are:

  • Effective grass cutting
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet and green
  • Versatile operation options
  • Good traction and control
  • Overall reliability
  • 2-year warranty


The drawbacks of this push mower model are:

  • The grass bag has an opening which is not too wide so it may get clogged with clippings when the grass is thick and wet. In such cases, you will have to stop working and unclog the bag.
  • Even with the hook, you will still have to watch out for the cord getting in the way when operating the machine.


This review finds the 50020 20-inch 12 amp electric 3-in-1 lawn mower by Earthwise is to be a good choice. It works well. It is safe, versatile, green and quiet.

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