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Lawn Mower Reviews: Black & Decker CMM1200 19-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Mulching Lawn Mower

The smooth, green and neatly manicured lawn is not a dream. It can be a reality if you use the right lawn mower. With so many products in the market making a choice can be tough especially for a non-professional. I will use my professional experience and knowledge as a gardener in California to review some of the best sellers at the moment. I think that this is a great way to help fellow buyers. Here is my review of the Black & Decker CMM1200.

I will try to make this Black & Decker lawn mower review as well structured and detailed as possible to give it maximum usability. I will assess the unit’s features and capabilities. I will determine its suitability and its main benefits and drawback. All this will certainly assist you in making a choice.

Product Description

The Black & Decker CMM1200 mulching lawn mower is equipped with an electric motor which produces 1,200 watts of output. Its 24-volt battery is removable so you can charge it anywhere. It allows for cordless walk-behind push operation. The most notable features of the model include a safety key, foldable handle for easy storage and a single lever for adjusting the cutting height. You can select from 3 different grass clippings discharge options when using this unit, which has cutting swath of 19 inches.

Black & Decker CMM1200

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Let’s start with the most important feature of Black & Decker CMM1200. This is the permanent magnet electric motor with an output of 1,200 watts. This motor may not be the most powerful which you have seen, but it performs exceptionally well. It allows the machine to cut grass of different heights and with different levels of moisture.

One major dignity of the motor is that it produces low levels of noise. It is fairly quiet and this is good for everyone around. It does not produce much vibration so that your hands will not tire easily. You will certainly appreciate the emission-free operation of this cordless lawn mower. You will not have to breathe gasoline fumes and you will help save the environment.

The deck of this Black & Decker lawn mower is made from tough polymer plastic which is highly durable. What I really appreciate about this material is that it is totally weatherproof. You will never have to worry about rusting.

Black & Decker Lawn MowerThe 24-volt battery is made to last. It is removable so you can charge it anywhere in the house and insert it when you need to use the cordless electric mower. The battery charger has the Energy Star mark for energy efficiency. This is certainly good news for everyone who is conscious about their utility bill and about the environment. What I really like about the charger is that it charges the battery fully overnight. You do not have to keep it plugged into the charger for days worrying that it will get too hot.

This model comes with a pull start. It is fairly easy to use. It is reliable as well. In addition, you get to use a safety key which prevents accidental starting of the machine. This is a standard feature but I personally find it quite useful.

There is a single lever for adjusting the height of the Black & Decker mulching mower. It will move all four wheels. It is on the side so you do not have to flip the unit upside down. You can select from different cutting heights between 1.5 and 3.5 inches.

You can choose from three different options for disposing of the grass clippings. The primary one is the rear discharge. The clippings are discharged at the rear extremely close to the ground. The bagging option is particularly convenient to use. You attach a specially designed bag which comes with the unit to the rear and the trimmings are collected in it. The bag has a capacity of 1.5 bushels. You can dispose of the clippings into a bin or use them to make compost.

The third clippings disposal option is mulching. You need to insert the mulching plate so that the trimmings are chopped into fine pieces. They fall directly on the lawn and provide natural fertilization. As a gardener, I am more than happy about this option.

This electric lawn mower from Black & Decker comes with an ergonomic handle which provides for firm control and easy steering. The wheels are large and have treaded tires so that the machine can operate effectively on all kinds of terrains. The handle is foldable for compact storage.


Electric Lawn MowerThe cutting swath of the Black & Decker mower is 19 inches. This is standard for models with electric motor. You can expect to make a small number of passes if you have a small to medium-sized lawn.

With a single battery charge, you can mow an area of 10,000 to 12,000 feet. This makes the machine perfectly suitable for standard family home lawns which are smaller or equal to 1/3 acre. Given the effective motor operation, you can expect to get the job done fairly easily and quickly.


This lawn mower is suitable for property owners with small to medium sized lawns. This tool can be used in family homes and holiday homes. The lawns of small commercial and public properties can also be maintained with this machine. It can be used by professionals who want to offer a green service to their customers.


The things which I like about the Black & Decker CMM1200 lawn mower:

  • Efficient, clean, quiet and green operation
  • Good capabilities
  • Versatile grass clipping collection options
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Reliable and durable
  • Very basic maintenance only
  • 2-year limited warranty and lifetime limited warranty on the cutting deck


The things which I do not like about this machine:

  • The unit is a bit heavy. It weighs 76 pounds. This means that you need to be physically fit to mow the entire lawn especially if there are obstacles or small hills. Still, you will not have to use too much effort.
  • The instruction manual contains general information primarily. The details are scarce so you have to search for extra information or work intuitively.


Overall, this review of the Black & Decker CMM1200 19-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Mulching Lawn Mower finds it to be a good choice for family home owners. It works well. It is reliable and fairly easy to operate.

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