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This is Shane here. I would like to welcome you to a website dedicated to lawn mower and lawn trimming equipment reviews. Here you will find everything which you need as a buyer from reviews of the most popular models available in the market to buying guides and useful articles. If you plan on buying grass cutting equipment, this is the right place to be.

On this website, you will discover lawn mower, riding mower, lawn edger, string trimmer and garden tiller reviews. The reviews are comprehensive and objective. You can use detailed buying guides that give you all the information which you need to make the right choice of equipment for you. In the articles, you will find tips and tricks for choosing, using and maintaining lawn mowers and other lawn devices.

I have created this website entirely on my own. I have been working as a professional gardener for many years now. Currently, I provide gardening services to various customers in California, but I have worked in other states as well. My work requires me to use lawn mowers and other lawn and garden equipment extensively. I use these devices for maintaining my lawn at home as well.

At this point, you are certainly asking yourself why I am providing these reviews and articles. The only reason is that I want to help fellow buyers. I know how difficult it is for a person to choose lawn and garden equipment from experience. You need to look into every detail and confirm that the features and capabilities of the unit match your particular needs. I have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help people like you and I decided to use them for the common good. This may sound like a cliché, but it is true. My only goal is to help people have beautiful and healthy lawns without investing a lot of time and effort.

What’s my take on the provision of the lawn mower, riding mower, lawn edger, string trimmer and garden tiller reviews? The only benefit which I get is the enjoyment of helping others. I love it when people write to me saying how my reviews and advice has helped them. Some even send me pictures of their lawns. I confirm that I have no affiliations with the manufacturers of the equipment which I am reviewing. My reviews are based entirely on my experience as a gardener and my expertise. They are 100 per cent objective and reliable. You can see this for yourself. I have chosen the products for reviewing based on their popularity.

In my reviews, you will find thorough and objective evaluation of all features and capabilities of the products plus a list of their pros and cons. The buying guides cover each and every important aspect that you need to look into when you go shopping. The features articles are on all sorts of subjects. They will be useful to you as a shopper and owner of lawn equipment.

Go on and read the lawn mower, riding mower, lawn edger, string trimmer and garden tiller reviews and articles provided on this website. Make full use of them and you will have the best lawn ever!

Happy Lawning,
Shane Anderson


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